Club 04 Haifa

Club 04 Haifa is the ultimate destination for music and nightlife in the north of Israel Since 2016. Located in the bustling city of Haifa, this unique club offers an intimate space for partygoers to enjoy the best DJs and music from both Israel and abroad. The club is designed in Boiler Room style, creating a magical atmosphere for the DJ and guests. With a maximum capacity of 400 people for the small room and 1000 for the big room, the focus is on quality bookings and a top-notch sound system, including EAW and LA Acoustic. The light system is also state-of-the-art, featuring the latest technology and innovative design to create a dynamic and immersive atmosphere.


The combination of this advanced sound and lighting system together with the unique design of the club and most importantly the amazing crowd make for a truly unforgettable experience. 


Some of the renowned DJs who have played at Club 04 include Damian Lazarus, Artbat, Mano La Tough,Jan Blomqvist ,Jimi Jules ,Trikk, Echonomist, Red Axes, Lehar, Musumeci,Hunter/Game,  Marino Canal, Argy, Toto Chiavetta, Moscoman, Whitesquare, Lilly Palmer, Pablo Fierro, Einmusik, Sebastien Leger, Sparrow & Barabossa, Coeus, Glowal, Maga, Bog, Emanuel Satie,Sam Shure, Ivan Masa, Nandu and many more. The club also hosts special events and label nights, such as the Lost & Found Showcase with Guy J and Guy Mantzur. 


In addition to the club’s commercial activities, our founders are passionate and active in Israeli burn and music culture, co-founding the 04 Camp at Midburn which famously hosted Jan Blomqvist for an unforgettable sunset set at Midburn 2022.


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Maklef 1, Haifa, Israel

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